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3SBio Group has always been committed to solving the problem of
clinical drug use for patients, constantly conquering the challenges
of the disease, using high-quality drugs to improve the quality of
life of patients, and working hard for the benefit of human health.

Cooperation partners

  • An exclusive license agreement to develop and market Leukotuxima in China and 13 other countries

  • Exclusive import, production and distribution rights for all voclosporin transplantation and autoimmune related indications in China

  • Exclusive license agreement to develop, manufacture and market tanibirumab in Greater China (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan), Thailand, Russia and Brazil

  • Be authorized to develop and conduct clinical trials to obtain approval from the Food and Drug Administration for anti-tumor necrosis factor α, and authorized to manufacture, sell, promote and distribute humanized anti-human TNFα monoclonal antibodies in China

  • Acquired development, production and distribution rights for all pegsiscase indications in the world (excluding Taiwan)

    Awarded exclusive distribution rights to the US biopharmaceutical company SelectaBiosciences to develop and market pegsiticase globally (except China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Japan)

  • Exclusive license agreement to develop and market Bcl-2/xL inhibitors and IAP inhibitors

  • Exclusive license agreement to develop, produce and market pegylated irinotecan

  • Chengchuang will obtain the clinical trial approval for Colestilan and will transfer the relevant approval to us. We will then conduct clinical trials and apply for the production of Colestilan